cheese so obviously nachos

cheese! you’ve been missed

so great to find the real deal, highly recommend looking out for the Dalewood Fromage as well Healey’s goods for ZA local legit, or visiting their beautiful farms just outside of Cape Town

pasture-raised happy cows! and without all that hormone / antibiotic yuck or calf rennet sadness

add to corn chips + tomato & cabbage cooked salsa

nachos nachos nachos

salad mash smash

in this case spicy roasted butternut

otherwise maybe broth-boiled potato
or herby steamed sweet potato (add sauteed cherry tomatoes pretty please with cherry tomato on top)

get soft but not soupy

if not vegan I recommend lots of butter in the mix, garlic butter better

then just mix up with chopped lettuce

roast seeds on top only always
sunflower, pumpkin, pine if fancy
even butternut seeds if you do ’em right

smashing like pumpkins indeed

sweet & sticky cinnamon milk w cereal

flax seed & date milk with cinnamon

nope not flax seeds and dates milked… okay maybe a little

(soaked) flax seeds + (soaked) dates + oat milk, blended

its the base of my smoothies really

add to cereal (case in point just rolled oats & banana, will get fancy with roast nuts when I can afford nuts)