sorghum solves

sorghum porridge, tops in me breakfast world

dates & banana cooked in for sweetness

peanut butter & toasted coconut dessiccationss swirled in for oh my goodness


focaccia porridge

millet cooked, can do fluffy (top pic) or sticky (bottom) – sticky is my fav just do more cooking time and water

often have leftover from misjudging previous night’s millet measure for curry or millet risotto

might have herbs steamed in already but if not add a good Italian herb dry mix, and if on hand def chop fresh herbs in too, fennel or basil I’d vote

simmer further in bit of milk or yogurt + water, lots & lots of butter

garlic if you’re a fan, used wild garlic in last was tops

roasted sunflower seeds a definite add

sploosh of olive oil 

good crackering of salt and pepper, cannot be without 

focaccia flavored savory breakfast